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Social Program – Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Welcome cocktail

WherePuerta de Toledo Campus, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
: 16:30-19:00

Technical Program – Thursday, 25 April 2024

WherePuerta de Toledo Campus, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Conference opening  Room Levante (Auditorium)

Gonzalo Sánchez-Arriaga, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

Luis Enrique García Muñoz, UC3M Vice Rector for Research and Transfer
Cristina Trueba Alonso, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


Plenary Session I  Room Levante (Auditorium)


Generations in the Progress of Wind Energy: Foreshadowing a Pathway for Airborne Technology
Jochem Weber 🗘, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)


Development of a Fully Automated Airborne Wind Energy System at University of Porto
Fernando A.C.C. Fontes, Universidade do Porto


A Grand Vision of Wind Energy Digitalisation
Sarah Barber, Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences


Regular sessions

Modeling & Control I

Prototyping & Operation

Resource, Siting, Acceptance

Room Levante (Auditorium)

Room Tramontana (0.A.07)

Room Solano (-1.A.04)        


Airborne Wind Energy Simulation Software - a Review

Uwe Fechner, TU Delft

Development and Testing of an Airborne Wind Energy System

Taewoo Nam, Toyota Research Institute

of North America (TRINA)

Development of an Airborne Wind Energy Testbed in the United States

Brent C. Houchens, Sandia National Labs


Methodology to Compare the Potential of Two Concepts for an Energy Ship Using Airborne Wind Energy

Nicole Frommer, University of Stuttgart

A Parachute-Based Airborne Wind Energy System and Aerodynamic Characteristics

Li Zhang, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co. (CPECC)

Airborne Wind Energy Sites in Continuous Operation

Jan Felix Stroetmann, SkySails Power


Deep Learning Investigation for Automatic Control and System Characterization for AWES

Pablo Egea Hervás, CT Ingenieros

A Small-Scale and Multipurpose Airborne Wind Energy Prototype

Francisco DeLosRíos-Navarrete, CT Ingenieros & UC3M

AWE Resources over Spain: Potential Added Value with Respect to Conventional Renewables

Miguel Angel Gaertner, University of Castilla-La Mancha


A Sensor Fusion Approach for Accurate Wind Estimation and System Characterization

Oriol Cayon, TU Delft

Dual-Cylinder Magnus Effect Kite: Fixed-Distance Flight Tests at Wind Fisher

Yacine Boucheriguene, Wind Fisher

Development of RWE’s Airborne Wind Test Site in Ireland

Laura Riepe, RWE Offshore Wind


On the Kite-Platform Interactions in Offshore Airborne Wind Energy Systems: Frequency Analysis and Control Approach

Sofia Trombini, Politecnico di Milano

Development of a Winch Separate-Type Tension Power Generation Device for Ground-Gen

Hiroki T. Endo, Tsuruoka Kosen

The European Union AWES Centre of Excellence at La Gomera
Agustin Arjonilla, CT Ingenieros


Coffee break  Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)

Technical Program – Thursday, 25 April 2024

WherePuerta de Toledo Campus, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Regular sessions

Techno-Economic Studies I

Materials & Structures

Aerodynamics I

Room Levante (Auditorium)

Room Tramontana (0.A.07)

Room Solano (-1.A.04)        


The EnerWíng: Combining Performance, Longevity, Robustness, and Serial Production for Commercial EnerKíte Airborne Wind Converters

Nicole Allgaier 🗘, Enerkíte

Composite Material Database for Fixed-Wing Airborne Wind Energy Kites

Michael Walls 🗘, Composites Testing Laboratory

Aero-Servo Simulations of an Airborne Wind Energy System Using Geometry-Resolved CFD

Niels Pynaert, Ghent University


Size and Cost Modeling of a round-Gen Magnus Effect Airborne Wind Energy System

Garrett Smith, Wind Fisher

Composite Materials and Manufacturing Methods Tradespace Analysis of AWES

Eric J. Lang, University of Dayton Research Institute

Investigation of Controlled Airborne Wind Energy System Flying in Turbulent Atmospheric Conditions Using Large Eddy Simulation

Jean-Baptiste Crismer, UCLouvain 


Developing a Reference Economic Model for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Rishikesh Joshi, TU Delft

Performance vs. Mass of Box Wing Designs Using Parametrised Finite Element Modelling

Dylan Eijkelhof, TU Delft

Aerodynamic Analysis of an Airborne Wind Energy System in Turbulent Wind Conditions

Thomas Haas, Ghent University


SkySails PN-14 Power Curve Measurement

Thorben Bartsch, SkySails Power

Preliminary Investigation on AWES Structural Loads Due to Turbulence and Significant Transient Wind Events

Michael K. McWilliam, DTU

Symmetric and Asymmetric Aero- Structural Coupled Soft-Wing Kite Simulations

Jelle A.W. Poland, TU Delft


Conference group photograph – outside building


Lunch – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)


European Academy of Wind Energy Technical Committee meeting – TBA


Plenary Session II – Room Levante (Auditorium)


Airborne Wind Energy as a Viable Solution to Further Rural Electrification
David Lecoque, Alliance for Rural Electrification


Challenges in Advancing AWES Development and Permitting
Romain Gellée, ENGIE Laborelec


OEM Panel Soft-Wing & Hybrid Systems

moderated by Kristian Petrick, Airborne Wind Europe, with Giorgio Sella, Kitenergy, Eduard Ijsselmuiden, Kitepower, Nicole Allgaier 🗘, Enerkíte, Rod Read, Windswept, Klaus Heudorfer, for Oceanergy, Mark Hoppe, SkySails Power


Coffee break – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)


Plenary Session III – Room Levante (Auditorium)


OEM Panel Fixed-Wing Systems
moderated by Kristian Petrick, Airborne Wind Europe, with Thomas Hårklau, Kitemill, George Hanna, TwingTec, Christof Beaupoil, someAWE, Florian Bauer, Kitekraft, Garret Smith, Wind Fisher, Reinhart Paelinck, Mozaero



Social Program – Thursday, 25 April 2024

Conference banquet

Where: Restaurant Descaro, Plaza de España 6 Planta 2, 28008, Madrid

When: 20:00-

Technical Program – Friday, 26 April 2024

WherePuerta de Toledo Campus, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Plenary Session IV  Room Levante (Auditorium)


On the Phenomenal Airborne Wind Energy Resource
Cristina Archer, University of Delaware


Alexander Vandenberghe, WindEurope


Progress Along the Long and Windy Road
Reinhart Paelinck, Mozaero


Poster Spotlights


Coffee break – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)


Interactive role-playing game – Room Solano (-1.A.04)

Will it Fly? An Interactive Role-Playing Game for Exploring Social Conflicts in Airborne Wind Energy Siting
Moderated by Helena Schmidt, TU Delft


Poster Session – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)

Variable Mass Tether Modeling of Airborne Wind Energy System
Xinyu Long, Nankai University

🚫 A Bayesian Model for the Prediction of Extreme Winds

Sijjad Hussain, FUUAST

IEA WT48 WP3 Update on AWES Regulations

Agustin Arjonilla, CT Ingenieros

Modeling and Control of a Magnus Effect Kite: Pumping Cycle with Reversing Rotation

Estéban Carvalho, Wind Fisher

Optimal Flight Pattern Debate: Circular vs. Figure-Of-Eight

Dylan Eijkelhof, TU Delft

Performance of Fixed-wing Airborne Wind Energy Systems: A Parametric Study

Rishikesh Joshi, TU Delft

Towards Mid-Fidelity Aero-Servo-Elastic Simulations of Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Gianni Cassoni, Politecnico di Milano

Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Rigid-Framed Delta Kite for Airborne Wind Energy

Iván Castro, UC3M

Material Scaling for Direct-Driven Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Airborne Wind Energy Applications

Andrea Trebbi, Politecnico di Milano

An Aircraft-Integrated Control System Based on Bridle Actuation for AWE Machines
Jorge González García, UC3M        

Harvest Ocean Energy

Franz Ringelhan, ParCy

Flight Path Optimization for Airborne Wind Energy Applications Using Multiple Tethered Aircrafts

Mohamed Elhesasy, UAEU


Evaluation of High-Voltage Submarine Transmission Lines and Battery Integration for Offshore Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Andrea Moino, Politecnico di Torino

Life-Cycle Analysis of a Soft-Kite Airborne Wind Energy System
Kirsten Coutinho, TU Delft

Integrated Design of Offshore Airborne Wind Energy System: the Floating Platform and the Aircraft
Nicola Talia, Politecnico di Torino

Power Smoothing and Energy Storage System Sizing Strategy for Airborne Wind Energy Farms
Rui Carvalho da Costa, Universidade do Porto

A Discussion on Automatic Take-off and Landing Approaches for Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Sérgio Vinha, Universidade do Porto

🚫 Multifidelity Design Optimisation Models for Composite AWE Wings
Ashwin Candade, Enerkíte

Wind Resource Analysis For Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Li Zhang, CPECC

A Preliminary Estimation of the Absolute Wind Vector in AWE Systems
Matteo Bordignon, Politecnico di Milano

Modeling and Control of an Airborne Wind Energy Microgrid
Syed Hassan Ahmed, Politecnico di Milano

🚫 Feasibility Analysis to Find an Appropriate Financing Strategy for a 25 KW Kite Generator in the Iran Energy Market
Mehrad Zolfaghari, Azad University


Regular sessions

Aerodynamics II

Performance & Optimization

Scenario Exploration

Room Levante (Auditorium)

Room Tramontana (0.A.07)

Room Solano (-1.A.04)        


Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Airfoils and Wings for Crosswind Kites

Mojtaba Kheiri, Concordia University

Multi–Objective Layout Optimization for Airborne Wind Energy Farms

Luís A.C. Roque, Politecnico do Porto

Preliminary Design and Scaling Methodology of Flexible Kites for Airborne Wind Energy Applications in the Maritime Sector

Achim Kuhn, University of Stuttgart


Lifting-Line Aerodynamics for Airborne Wind Energy on a Prescribed Path

Mac Gaunaa, DTU

Simplified Optimal Path–Planning for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Manuel CRM Fernandes, Universidade do Porto

Pumping Mode Rotary Airborne Wind Energy Systems: Exploration and Experimentation

Christof Beaupoil, someAWE


🚫 Using Leading-Edge Protuberances for Dynamic Stall Control of an Airborne Wind Energy Wing

João M. Melo de Sousa, Técnico Lisboa

Optimization of Long Trajectories of Dual-Wing AWE Systems with Many Cycles

Jakob Harzer, University of Freiburg

Economic Value of Dual-Wing AWE Systems: a Case Study

Jochem De Schutter, University of Freiburg


Multi-Component Overset Simulations of Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Joris Degroote, Ghent University        

Rigid-Wake Lifting-Line Vortex Modeling in a Single-Kite AWE Optimal Control Problem

Rachel Leuthold, University of Freiburg

Towards Atmospheric Event-Driven Loads for Rigid AWES

Mark Kelly, DTU


Towards an Optimal Ram-Air Kite Design for AWE: Recent Advances in the Coupled Aero-Structural Model
Paul Thedens, SkySails Power

Performance and Control of a Rigid Twin-Kite System for Power Generation
Austin Monell, University of Colorado

Trajectory Optimization of Dynamic Soaring Considering Closed-Loop Dynamics
Alexander Zwenig, TUM


Lunch – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)

Technical Program – Friday, 26 April 2024

WherePuerta de Toledo Campus, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Regular sessions

Design, Safety & Certification

Performance & Optimization

Scenario Exploration

Room Levante (Auditorium)

Room Tramontana (0.A.07)

Room Solano (-1.A.04)        


Safe Operation and Airspace Integration of Airborne Wind Energy Systems
Kristian Petrick, Airborne Wind Europe

Reverse Pumping for Rigid Wing Airborne Wind Energy Systems at Large Scale

Tareg Mohammed, Politecnico di Milano

Optimizing Take-off and Landing Control of Magnus Effect-Based Quadcopter AWES in Challenging Wind Conditions

Zakeye Azaki, University of Grenoble


Certification Roadmap for AWE Aerostructures
Edward M. Fagan, Zero Nexus

Disturbance-Learning Predictive Control of the Ground Station of an Airborne Wind Energy System

Tommaso Bonetti, Politecnico di Milano

Automatic Circular Take–off and Landing of Self–Propelled Kites

Gabriel M. Fernandes, Universidade do Porto


Conceptual Design of Windplanes
Filippo Trevisi, Politecnico di Milano

Cascaded Control Approach for a Ground Steered 4-Line Kite System

Franziska Hein, University of Stuttgart

Progress on a Rotational Launch and Recovery System for a Fixed Wing Kite

Will Kennedy Scott, Swift Airgen


Navigating Mass Scaling and Low-Wind Lift Challenges for 20 kW Single-Rotor Kite Turbines
Roderick Read, Windswept        

Loss-Minimizing Model Predictive Control for the Power Conversion System of an Airborne Wind Energy System

Carolina Nicolas-Martín, UC3M

Flight Guidance Concept for the Starting Phase of a Flying Wing Within an Airborne Wind Energy System

Dominik Felix Duda, RWTH Aachen


Industrialization of Fluid Power Ground Station
Per Lindholdt, Diinef

Analysis and Experimental Validation of a Low-Complexity Enhanced Orientation-Based Controller for Tethered Energy Harvesting Systems
Jacob B. Fine, University of Michigan

Lift Kite Operation Requirements of a Rotary Airborne Wind Energy System
Ziwei Chen, University of Strathclyde


Coffee break – Cantina in front of Levante (Auditorium)


Regular sessions

AWES Status & Outlook

Techno-Economic Studies II

Technology Development Effects

Room Levante (Auditorium)

Room Tramontana (0.A.07)

Room Nordés (-1.A.01)        


Markets of a 100 kW-AWE-System and EnerKíte’s Pilot-Projects for a Perfect Market Entry
Nicole Allgaier, Enerkíte

Bibliometric Analysis of Airborne Wind Energy for the Last Decade

Luís Tiago Paiva, Universidade do Porto

Noisy Kites? Exploring Noise Annoyance for Airborne Wind Energy Systems with

a Laboratory Listening Experiment

Helena Schmidt, TU Delft


Kitepower Wind Energy: RWE Test Site Insights

Eduard Ijsselmuiden, Kitepower

Airborne Wind Energy Technology Assessment: Method and Tool

Jochem Weber, NREL

Life Cycle Assessment of Floating Offshore Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Marilù Sagretti, Politecnico di Milano


An Update on Kitekraft’s Progress

Florian Bauer, Kitekraft

Development of an Open-Source Techno-Economic Model for Fixed-Wing Airborne Wind Energy Kites

Edward M. Fagan 🗘, Zero Nexus

Community Perspectives on Offshore Airborne Wind Energy: A Survey Study

Giovanni Romano, Politecnico di Milano


Kitemill’s Drive: Pioneering Wind Energy Innovations with the AWE Community for Net Zero 2050

Thomas Hårklau, Kitemill        

The Potential Future Role of Floating Wind Turbines and Airborne Wind Energy Systems in the North Sea Region

Roland Schmehl, TU Delft

Policy and Regulatory Outlook Towards AWE Deployment

Kristian Petrick , Airborne Wind Europe


Scaling of rigid wing Airborne Wind Energy Systems to MW
George Hanna, TwingTec

Product Carbon Footprint of a 100 kW AWE Generator
Giorgio Sella, Kitenrg

Preparing AWES Deployment by Onboarding RE Stakeholders with Regards to Social Acceptance
Stefanie Thoms, Airborne Wind Europe


Poster Awards & Farewell

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